Lets Play Rust: Teaming up with Animals!


So this happend a few months back. It was kind of a surreal moment as I had just joined very high population, popular server midway through a wipe cycle. I knew it was going to be a challenge to get any base set up but sometimes that is just how I like to play. Set up a small shack and see how long I can defend it.

Well to set the scene, I found a nice little area not too far from some pretty big walled in compounds. I was hidden only by a few very small hills and a couple trees. I was out scavenging when I noticed a rogue bear circling in the area. He wasn’t hostile to me yet so I just let him be. I figured you know what. I’ll just let him patrol the area for me and he’ll alert me if someone is close by. Probably a long shot, but just knowing I had one ally patrolling my base was pretty comforting nonetheless.

Well, I carefully exited my base and began a short materials hunt when the chase began. Not from my loyal sentry the “Smokey” but from a lightly geared player. Being only geared with a bow, I had a few choices. Fight him strait up, but I was already hit once, so that was out. Run back to my base and show where I lived, probably not smart either. Finally, choice number three was looking pretty appealing. What if I just baited the guy into a small fight until he was close enough for my new ally to pounce.

Well I chose number three, but would smokey come to my rescue?!?