Rust Play Tip: Build a Quick Hidden Furnace


Hey guys.  Here is a little Rust play tip for you when you are in need of smelting some quick metal for a pipe shotgun or melee weapon in Rust without attracting a lot of unneeded attention.

  1. Find a river bed or other noisy landscape to cover the furnace sound.Rust Tips: Hidden Furnace

  2. Find a rock formation that you could place a foundation into so only 2 sides poke out.Rust Tips: Hidden Furnace

  3. Place your furnace on so the back is sticking out.Rust Tips: Hidden Furnace

  4. Add 2 walls and upgrade them to stone. Rust Tips: Hidden Furnace

  5. Reverse the walls to blend the furnace. Rust Tips: Hidden Furnace

  6. Place a top if needed to hide the light.

Now you are all set to smelt for a bit without having to be exposed out in the open or worry about a getting a code lock for a small shack.  An added benefit to this type of hidden furnace is if someone discovers it while your hiding.  They will be restricted to one side of the furnace making it easier to get the jump on them.