Rust Play Tip: Use Campfires as Radar in Rust


Hey guys.  We’re back with a Tuesday playtip for you in the wild world of Rust.

This week we are featuring the: DIY Rust Radar System.

Its actually very simple.

  1. Build your Shack.

  2. Place a campfire in all four corners of the shack.

  3. Flip the fires on when you want to check whether someone is camping or hiding right outside your base.

  4. Remember, when your are alone by a campfire your health wont go above 81.  However, when you are with another person, in this case, the creeper outside your base, you should see your comfort level go above 50% and your health begin to rise above 81 (Just make sure you have enough extra calories to allow for this to happen.

Simple as that.  Now you have a surefire way to figure out if you are going to be blasted in the face as soon as you open your door.  Good luck out there.