Random Rust Server Review


Well we’ve covered servers high and low.  From Vanilla US servers to Hardcore Russian Servers.  We’ve seen lone wolf servers and faction building servers.  Primitive battlefield servers to Modern tech war-zones.  We’ve seen theatrical themed servers (The Running Man) and even God Mode servers.  You name it and we’ve covered it.

This week we aim to challenge the reader to tell us what we have missed.  What awesome, crazy, unique, or even ridiculous server have you played, used to play or are addicted to.  Tell us where to find it and we’ll take an old fashioned field trip to the server and give them the coverage they so well deserve.

So lets hear it.  Do you know of a server that doesn’t get the attention it deserves?  Let us know where we can find it and we’ll make sure to pay them a visit.

Post your suggested server with a short reason why we should cover them in next Friday’s Server Roundup Edition in the comments below or ship us an email to media@mmoweekly.com.