Deadlaugh Rust Server Review


We jumped into the Deadlaugh server this week to pull off a “Lets play” Island Hopping Challenge. To be honest, we didn’t know anything about them except that we loved their Rust:O map and they were sporting a 2x gather rate.


                  Catching a Sunset on DeadLaugh’s Rust Server

Well, several play sessions later we can honestly say Deadlaugh Gaming has really done their homework. The Server has the popular plugins that you would expect from modded servers. 2x gather which is really nice for lone wolves. Auto Door Close, Clans, Half-craft, Bigger Stacks and plenty of Notifiers including Death Notices. Deadlaugh Rust Server Review We’re also really big fans of the stats and records notifier that pops up from time to time to see what people have been doing. Vanilla Rust has so little in the way of leveling up (by design).  Its just sometimes nice to see where you rank and stand among other players. Deadlaugh Rust Server Review Want to avoid hackers? Of course who wouldnt. Well the admins are on point; just use /report in chat to snitch any cheatin’ newmans out. Deadlaugh Rust Server Review Sick of sitting in your base all night waiting for daylight? Well you’d be a fool to do that here. Night time has a really nice plugin that alternates a “Short Night” and a “Long Night”. Short Night makes resources 3x more valuable to gather and Long Night makes them 4x. It really works well when you build all day, exhaust your resources then go out under the cover of night to gather up more. Just keep an eye out for ninja bears. Deadlaugh Rust Server Review All these mods and plugins are available to anyone who joins, however, if you’re the type that likes to stick with one server, you can become a donator for as little as five dollars and get some cool perks too like sign art and reserved entries in events. (Full disclosure: we are not current donators to this server, but if we were going to donate to a server. This would be one of our top picks as they have very attentive staff and are extremely organized). Deadlaugh Rust Server Review  

This Server is a must play for anyone who likes high pop servers. To be honest though, even if you don’t like high pop servers, you’re missing out if you don’t try this one.


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