iPlayRust Server Review


With the server and BP wipe having come and gone.  We thought it would be fitting to showcase a server that plays Rust as the Devs’ intend it to be.  In total VANILLA.


I’m going to be honest.  When a server provides you with the game exactly how it is intended to be; its a daunting task to write an article reviewing it.  A vanilla server, that doesn’t have game changing plugins or mods better be doing something right.


iPLAYRUST provides this Vanilla experience and does it very well to boot.  We spoke with Cayos (server owner) and the only plugins on the server are one’s specific to combating hackers.  You can’t argue with that.  They have a nice community on Steam and you can also keep up to date with their server at iPLAYRUST.com.


It’s a 3k map that is low population with 10-30 players at any given time.  That size and number is one of our favorite ratios as it gives players a chance to spread out and really build something meaningful before they get bombarded with KOS and raids.  We like that part of Rust as well, but sometimes we don’t want it at every turn.


iPLAYRUST sports a 1-2 week wipe cycle that only fluctuates due to player involvement.  If play is getting stale and the map has run its course then Cayos doesn’t mind wiping after 1 week.  If players are enjoying themselves, 2 weeks tends to be more common.  The great thing about iPLAYRUST is that it is a small server where you can really get to know the players and the admins.  So if you have an issue with the server wiping, you can voice your opinion.

While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I was really looking forward to the bp and server wipe this time around.  Starting over makes Rust new again.  It may not be a popular opinion but I for one enjoy searching for bps’ and securing new equipment for my shoddy compound.  When I have to the time really sit and play, Rust is so much more rewarding when you do it  Vanilla.

If going back to the roots of Rust is what you’re looking to do this wipe cycle.  Give iPLAYRUST a look.  We don’t think you will be disappointed.